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Why invest in contemporary art?

–Art remains a safe haven not very sensitive to the crisis, especially in the current period when exceptional assets are extremely sought after.

-Unlike financial investments, with works of art, you can enjoy your investment every day.

-In twenty years, the contemporary art market has multiplied by 10.

-It is an alternative investment that allows you to diversify your assets.

Some of our artists are listed on the international art market: Daniel Arsham, Banksy, Hom Nguyen, JR, Kaws, Keith Haring, Invader, Julian Opie, Richard Orlinski, Shepard Fairey.


We are at your disposal for any information or expertise.

You can take advantage of our leasing solutions to finance this type of work, and tax exemptions are possible.

Galerie Pop Art & Street Art, Class Art Biarritz, galerie d'artiste et d'oeuvres Pop Art et Street Art.
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