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Brain ROY

Brain ROY - Marilyn X Murakami

Brain Roy Marilyn X Murakami (2020)

Brain ROY - The Rat

Brain Roy The Rat

Brain ROY - Love puzzle

Brain Roy Love Puzzle

​Brain ROY - Strong Ali

Brain Roy Strong Ali

Brain ROY - Marilyn Ballon Pop

Brain Roy Marilyn Ballon Pop

Brain ROY - Superman Escape

Brain Roy Superman Escape


Born in Lyon in 1980, Brain ROY discovered graffiti in the early 2000s through mural claims in his hometown.

This flash had a driving effect that has never left him and that he took with him like precious baggage to Paris, where he settled in 2000.

He immediately plunged into the hip-hop movement and turned to his most demanding discipline as a graffiti artist: graffiti.

His tags and throw-ups made in the underground arteries of the Paris Metro are a reference, powerful, aggressive, committed, whether personal or collective gestures, made with his group MR&ROY.

From his work, we retain the spontaneity, the vindictive spirit and the rhythmic vibrations, as if echoing contemporary American music. His paintings and installations remain resolutely in tune with human and social realities, drawing inspiration from themes and significant events in contemporary society. They carry the New York identity but also that of a multicultural France.  His works fascinate with this double desire to represent the exterior, the street, the world and the imagination.

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