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Corinne DUBREUIL - Rose

Corinne Dubreuil Rose

Corinne DUBREUIL - Le Plongeoir

Corinne Dubreuil Le Plongeoir

Corinne DUBREUIL - Tranquilité

Corinne Dubreuil Tranquilité

Corinne DUBREUIL - Out
Corinne DUBREUIL - Into The Light

Corinne Dubreuil Into The Light

Corinne Dubreuil Out


Photography and sport were part of her childhood. It is quite natural that her passion has become her profession. As a professional photographer for 30 years, her reports have led her to travel a lot! From Australia to the United States, via South Africa, and one day, Biarritz...! When there was a women's surfing competition, she stayed there for a week and spent her days on the famous beach of the Côte des Basques. It was love at first sight! Since then, she has settled in Biarritz. The ocean, the light and the atmosphere are unique. As time went by, she collected these images and the idea of presenting and sharing them became obvious to her.

Galerie Pop Art & Street Art, Class Art Biarritz, galerie d'artiste et d'oeuvres Pop Art et Street Art.
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