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Jean-Jacques MANCARDI

Jean-Jacques MANCARDI
Jean-Jacques MANCARDI
Jean-Jacques MANCARDI
Jean-Jacques MANCARDI
Jean-Jacques MANCARDI
Jean-Jacques MANCARDI


Jean-Jacques Mancardi followed an original itinerary. So faithful to the canons of classical sculpture, this artist did not go through any art school. A blacksmith and companion of the Tour de France, he began by making sculptures with steel.

Following an accident, he took up drawing and wood carving. Then it is the discovery of Carrara, its quarries, and its sculptors where he then began to work in marble – white from Carrara or black from Belgium – practising direct carving.

Without abandoning marble, Jean-Jacques Mancardi converted to bronze, thus gaining a freedom that a sculptor armed with his chisel alone will never have, and therefore the possibility of infinitely varying the motif. He makes his bronzes using the lost wax method.

Currently, the world of Workers and Graffiti artists feed his inspiration.

The workers, in the continuity of the great builders of cathedrals and to honour these men who build our living and working places.

The Graffiti artists, those who express themselves on all media who colour our lives, their mural paintings, come straight from prehistoric paintings and more recently from frescoes to become urban art. 

Mancardi is first and foremost a couple of complementary artists. The first artistic impulse is generally made through Jean-Jacques who, following his career as a blacksmith and member of the Compagnons, starts to realize sculptures in steel, wood and then finally in marble.
At the same time, Christine also became interested in marble sculpture.

The couple gradually converted to bronze by working together and creating a world of Workers and Graffiti Artists:

The Workers are workers, workers, in the spirit of the builders of cathedrals, or skyscrapers of the 19th or 20th century. Jean-Jacques and Christine Mancardi want to honour these men who build our living and work spaces while integrating a contemporary touch of graffiti, or street art.
Graffiti artists are those who express themselves in all urban media, and colour them freely.

The works are proposed and produced in multiple sizes, from thirty centimetres to more than two meters.

Galerie Pop Art & Street Art, Class Art Biarritz, galerie d'artiste et d'oeuvres Pop Art et Street Art.
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